Re: Parallax May 21, 2020 Newsletter

Congratulations on having sold half of the initial delivery of P2 chips to commercial customers! I hope this is the beginning of a big success for P1 and Parallax!


  • RaymanRayman Posts: 10,895
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    PropTool within a week? That's good news.

    I hope it will also allow use of Fastspin as the compiler directly.
  • Wonder how much a tray costs...
  • Rayman wrote: »
    Wonder how much a tray costs...
    (c) Your order is in tray unit increments (90 chips). Stock code to order is P2X8C4M64P-ES-T. Additionally, the minimum order quantity is 1 (90 chips) and the maximum order quantity is 11 (990 chips).

    (d) Pricing is according to this price schedule: P2X8C4M64P-ES-T: $1,080.00 ea. ($12 ea)
  • RaymanRayman Posts: 10,895
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    Just saw the mass email from Ken. Looks like the Prop Tool might have an integrated debugger. That would be something!

    I'm using serial and P56 & P57 LEDs for debugging currently, but real debugger would certainly be helpful...
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