.spin2 Notepad++ UDL (User Defined Language)

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edited 2020-05-22 - 05:45:23 in Propeller 2
Here is a .spin2 syntax highlighter for Notepad++
I'm using version v7.8.6, which uses UDL2.1

It's great for opening .spin2 files and seeing the sections, operators, and distinguishing comments from code.
Unzip and in Notepad++ Menu, select Language -> User Defined Language -> Define your language...
Click on the [Import...] button

Those underscores in numbers made it tough, but it colors 99% of those cases correctly.

V01 - This is a good first version. It has all the spin operators and should have all ASM instructions. TODO is adding more spin keywords and builtin symbols.
V02 - Added missing jump instructions: (JNCT1, JNFBW, JNQMT, etc); Made registers ina, ptra, and pa keywords; Forgot WRWORD last revision, and added asm GETSCP and SETSCP because they exist.


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