Propscope Calibration

Greg LaPollaGreg LaPolla Posts: 195
edited 2020-05-10 - 04:16:06 in Accessories
I recently picked up a new in the box Propscope on eBay for a price I couldn't resist. Going though the understanding signals text and It seems the calibration is off.
Trying to run Activity #1 Ground Test Chanel 1 reports 38.9mV and channel 2 is alternating between 19.5mV and 39mV. It should be showing 0 volts.

Same thing happens with removing the probes from the scope.

I cant find any information on calibration. Did I get a dud or is this fixable ?


  • I have a prop scope and have not seen that. It seems odd to me that you get the same readings without the probes connected.

    Well after hooking my unit up and shorting the leads I see a reading of 24mv and 26.8mv. Since I don't use my scope to read voltages I never checked that.

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