Is it going to be migrating FT232R to FT231X in the future ?

yisiguroyisiguro Posts: 49
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Seeing Paralax shop site, I know that the new PropPlug Rev.D equiping a FT231X instead of FT232R is to be released later this month.

FT231X seems to be cheaper than FT232R.
Moreover FT231X is 5V tolerant even under 1V8 VCCIO while FT232R is not.

Other boards including on-board USB-serial bridge with FT232R are to be migrated in the future ?


  • Yes, that will be the trend as products come up for revision.

    Was there a product you had in mind that you'd specifically prefer the new FT231X on ?
  • yisiguroyisiguro Posts: 49
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    Thank you but actually I've ever not been interested in those boards yet, I'm sorry.
    I have now only 1 P8X32A-D40, and I use a generic FT232R breakout board made by my domestic maker.
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