Feedback on large P2 project?



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    2. When it comes to Programming/Objects for HDMI, I2C, USB, etc - are these and examples available yet?
    I just posted a demo with an I2C object. It contains the basics: setup(scl, sda, speed), start, write(b), read(), and stop(). You should be able to use this to build other objects.
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    The P2's main PLL will add a noticeable amount of phase noise. This could be minimized by using as high a clock input as possible. I've tested 80 MHz and it seems to work fine. I would like to try 125MHz or more.

    Peter Jakacki's last P2D2 design does includes a Silicon Labs Si5351A clock generator as an option (need to check with him, if that clock gen option will come assembled onto next batch of pcbs).

    As designed by Peter (5351A' XA/XB driving a crystal or XA-only connection to a Cmos oscillator), those Si devices could hit 200MHz, driving P2' XI.

    I foresee a lot of interesting experiments, just ahead! :lol:
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