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For a BS2 project. Thanks for the past info about randomizing several outputs from a single input. I'm using the branch to case instructions. Now I'm trying to get a set of smooth tones. The basic numerical tones are too simple and too sharp. I found some code that looks like the following; 659'E5, or 669'F5 etcetera. Does anyone know of a complete list of these? These are much better sounds.


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    Of all the instruments to emulate electronically, I think the piano makes the top 5 in difficulty. You’re in for a wonderful ride and a bunch of learning.

    I’d start with getting a basic understanding the Railsback curve, a discussion of string mass/length/stiffness/tension, and get a working understanding of how/why piano notes are “stretched away” from exact octave multiples.

    I think the BS2 will be pushed beyond what it can really do in this application. but dont let my belief stop you. Even if I am right, you will have learned something.

    If piano emulation doesnt work, move on to an electronic organ. Much easier to emulate and lots of fun to play with. If you can find yourself an old PIAA kit keyboard, you can make lots of cheap fun, and have an awesome looking/sounding instrument when you get done.

    On a different note, how are you thinking of doing polyphony as well as programming the ADSR envelope? Multiple cores or... ?

    Sounds like a fun project!
  • Try this one too. The table below is exact and takes the Railsback factor and inharmonicity into account:
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