Spin help for P2

I've ordered a P2 eval board and been looking at the programing tools. Is there any help or manuals like the prop1 ide pdf files with the commands for the prop2. I can't seem to find any listings with the differences of the Prop 2.

Thanks, still looking for them.


  • download the latest flexgui.zip release.

    extract the archive to somewhere on your PC, like C:\Propeller2\flexgui

    After extraction, look at the doc folder for documentation, like spin.pdf or basic.pdf. The other documentation files ending in .md are text files, that can be opened in any text editor.

    run flexgui.exe and play around with some of the \samples as well.
  • Chip is still working on Spin2. For now you can use Spin1 with some extensions (so "Spin 1.5" :)) in FlexGUI, which uses the fastspin compiler to compile Spin to either P1 or P2 assembly.

    fastspin Spin doc

    The FlexGUI documentation only covers the changes from Spin1, and also doesn't cover the P2 assembly language. For that you'll want the Parallax P2 documentation:

    P2 docs
    P2 Instruction sheet
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