P2C2 *Propeller 2 Cardboard Computer* TouchScreenComputer

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I thought I'd share the project I've been working on for quite some time. There's still a long way to go but I hope you guys enjoy a sneak peak at the progress.

FLASH - NAND Memory IC 8Gb (512M x 16) Parallel
SRAM - Asynchronous Memory IC 16Mb (1M x 16) Parallel
CPLD - XC2C64A - 64 IO
7" 800x480 TFT LCD Resistive touch module
Parallax PowerPal

I hope @Peter Jakacki is okay with how close P2C2TSC or P2CCTSC is to his awesome P2D2, although the plan has always been to incorporate the p2d2 as the carrier. One step at a time and this is an early prototype. I mean c'mon, it's a Cardboard Computer!!

As far as progress, it's still very slow. There's a lot of dependencies to fix and test. I have a debugging font that works and I'm testing those debugging tools. I'm currently trying to get Ymodem working so I can test things a lot easier.

Pics for now, full writeup coming later. Enjoy!

Here's the "p2 version "offical" development thread" with more info for now https://forums.parallax.com/discussion/comment/1456684/#Comment_1456684








  • HIGHLY impressive!!
  • Love the cardboard chassis as a prototyping setup. Way more creative than my breadboard and cheap TV prototype system.

    3560 x 2510 - 907K
    1985 x 1219 - 204K
    1921 x 1494 - 292K
  • I've finally got the display working, as well as the SRAM and now need to figure out why the SPI port doesn't seem to be working. I'm sure it's software related but can't seem to find the issue yet. The cardboard case held up fairly well, until the 5th or 6th time I was reassembling after reprogramming the CPLD. A new case design is being thought out and I'm preparing to revise the PCB around the P2D2 footprint. I don't know how much the ribbon cable is affecting performance but I'm sure it isn't helping!

    I'm fairly confident in the hardware design and I think the CPLD logic is fairly stable. The CPLD schematic is still ugly but until I've got the FLASH working I can't call it finalized.

    Not the best quality pics and I need to upload a video...
    1157 x 897 - 78K
    1191 x 818 - 46K
    2268 x 4032 - 2M
    2268 x 4032 - 2M
    2268 x 4032 - 2M
  • Bit "rough at the edges", so to speak :lol:
  • @cheezus That is just darn-Skippy cool! Well done!

    Silly question: ever think about putting a few coats of lacquer on the cardboard? Makes it harder and more durable and also changes the “feel” very pleasingly.

    Where did you get the display? Got a link? I think need one.
  • That is cool. Looks better than the description sounded.

  • @Mickster, yes VERY rough :lol:

    @JRoark I've been thinking about ways to improve the "case" since I built it. I have a design for a case made from MDF drawn (in my head) but I'm leaning towards something metal. Putting some lacquer on it's a great idea. I was considering wrapping with vinyl printed graphics... I think metal is the way to go though.

    I've been purchasing the displays from sainsmart.com lately. They can be had a little cheaper on ebay but I've been burned before too. They are Arduino displays and I have a 3.2" and the 7" but they come in 2.8" and 5" as well. The 2.8" and 3.2" are 320 x 240 px and the larger displays are 800 X 480 px.



    @evanh I keep getting excited as I make more progress because it has the potential to be very cool indeed! The P1 based board still gets a lot of use but the memory constraints make programming a bit tough. That and there were no free pins...
  • Awesome use of cardboard! I am impressed.

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