Inexpensive Concentric Rotary Encoders

I am looking into creating a prototype for a ham radio accessory that requires knobs. I would like to use concentric rotary encoders, There will need to be 6 encoders and they would be paired together. A concentric package would be nice and reduce the realestate needed. They appear to be very expensive compared to single encoders. Like a 10x price difference.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Terry's Workbench

Feel the need for speed between your PC's com port and Prop?
Try the FTDI 245 and the FullDuplexParallel Object.
Check out my spin driver for the Parallax "96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module" Product ID: 28087
22FPS video from the P2 on the Parallax "96 x 64 Color OLED Display Module"


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