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    This is a piece of art!
    Yes, I hope it ends up on display in a computer museum somewhere.

  • Amazing. @erco I'm surprised. How come that wasn't your activity? Seriously, the article in N&V is amazing and well written. I remember building one using an Op-Amp, the UA741 and a pair of 9v batteries and fed the output to one of my meters. The idea behind it came close.

    I believe that amazing rig was based on the classic differential analyzer that would also have been used at about the same time for, what else? analyzing flight data via simulation.

    Oddly enough every so often at the VCF East meetings, a chap is selling Heathkit ET400 trainers. Those were M6800 based ones.
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  • That's freakin' AWESOME!
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  • Pub - thanks for posting.

    That restoration was absolutely stellar! Vaguely remember programming an analog computer during my college days at DeVry.
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