And now for a really disturbing statement from a regular Linux user

Buck RogersBuck Rogers Posts: 1,698
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Folks those of us who use Linux to accomplish things that the Windows tools for the Prop do almost as well will not be able to report their successful activities on Linux Journal. The magazine has gone and folded again. The editor one Kyle Rankin has posted his awkward goodbye message on the site, and to those of us who subscribe. The phone number for their subscriber department no longer has any connection to it.

There is more on the Linux Journal website.

I certainly hope they can come back from the dead yet again.......

No mascot remarks.


  • Perhaps that's merely testament to Linux's ubiquity and mainstream acceptance. After all, how many of us subscribe to Windows or OS X journals?

  • TorTor Posts: 1,987
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    Yeah, that's about it. I was a subscriber from issue 1, but after a few years there isn't really anything to learn anymore.. it's all standard stuff. Mainstream and all, as Phil hinted at. These days, if there's an occasional 'now how do I do that' then there's the net.

    On the other hand, over in Japan there are lots of Linux magazines of various types. But then again there are magazines and books about everything. Shelves full of books and mags about just about every popular application and program you can think of.
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