Propeller GPS

In order to learn about GPS and how they work, I purchased a cheap
Satellite Positioning Module on eBay. I wanted to try and communicate with
it using Parallax’s Propeller microcontroller. I was able to parse and
display NMEA sentences on a serial terminal, but thought that with the
addition of a display module, I could make a portable GPS unit. The results
are what I call the "Propeller GPS". I uploaded the whole shebang to the
Parallax Objex Exchange. Just look for "Propeller_GPS". Both the GPS and the
display module can be purchased on eBay for about $8.00 each. I used a
Propeller Mini because of its small size. All this can be mounted
in a small enclosure with a 9V battery. This was a very fun project and I
hope you find it so too!


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