Can a Propeller 1 Interface Directly With USB?

I think this would be neat to learn, plus you could build a joystick mouse.


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    Look at these threads here:

    USB Device mode:

    USB Host mode:

    Edit: Read each thread and you'll see that it's doable but not that easy
  • He's not kidding.
    It just isn't easy.
    The companies who specialize in really custom silicon gadgets do make a USB to anything gadget. FTDI for example makes a family of them.

    At one point the company sold a logging contraption who used one of those to (what else?) log important stuff to a flash drive plugged into it.

    Take a look at the USB shield that Sparkfun sells, it incorporates a special chip from Maxim who does most of the heavy lifting inside it. The rest the host will need to do the timing and that interpretation of data streams. For example you could use one of those with the previously discussed elsewhere Prop ASC+ device that one of us makes and Parallax sells, but writing the code to do that will be difficult. I'd rather fly with a certain fighter squadron and destroy something big and ugly. (And no I do not mean that space station.)
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