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The other day, I was operating my Propeller Activity Board powered by the USB and an external power supply. I pulled the USB from the computer and one of the 2007 voltage regulator ICs burnt generating a column of smoke.

I can replace the part if a suitable source part number is provided.




  • If you post the rev number of the board, or a photo, I can get you the right component part number.

    Actually, a photo could be best, as there were a fair few versions in the early days of that board !
  • .. or it might be one of these:
    IC REG LDO 5V 1.5A PPAK	        497-4249-1-ND
    IC-REG,LDO,1.0A,3.3V,SOT-223	AP1117E33GDICT-ND

  • That doesn't sound good. Maybe you could look at the prop board schematic and ID the reg.. I'm sure these Parallax guys will help you out
  • A photo is attached.
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  • The part number is 7002.

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    Discovery wrote: »
    The part number is 7002.


    On the back, is the part number 32910? Is there a Revision Number? A shot of the backside of the board may help.
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  • Discovery wrote: »
    The part number is 7002.


    That sounds more like a Date Code.
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  • A photo of the burnt part is shown here.

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  • Yep. Jellybean sort of part. This was the original:
    FET-NCH,60V,115mA,SOT-23	     Digikey: 2N7002-TPMSCT-ND
  • Part of the VIN circuit. PDF attached.
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  • Excellent VonSzarvas,

    I will order that part immediately.

    Thank you,

  • I had the same thing happen once with one of those transistors: pop, smoke, stink. So your experience is not unique. I don't recall the circumstances, though, and I just set the board aside and replaced it with another one that I happened to have lying around.

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  • Happy to warranty this board - contact me offline kgracey@parallax.com.

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  • Phil,
    The circumstances were the computer sleep time was set to a few hours and when the machine went to sleep, it glitched the USB port that shut down the Propeller Activity Board. I connected a 12 VDC supply to the external connector on the board. The input voltage range is stated on the board as 6 to 9 VDC. I then changed the computer sleep setting to never sleep and kept the 12 VDC attached. For some reason, I disconnected the USB port cable and a pow sound was heard, a short spark of light was detected, a column of smoke was seen, and a stink was detected. I rapidly pulled the 12 VDC plug from the Activity Board and used a computer microscope to view the damaged part. It was cracked nearly in the middle of the part.

  • Well, if the input voltage is stated as 6-9 why you use a 12v supply? Take a Hammer and destroy that power supply. Bad, bad thing, killing your board.

    But as you can see Parallax is again super generous and offers to replace it. I think the demo board had a announced life-time warranty, I killed one pin on mine but never bothered to replace it.

    Those brothers are some fine people, both of them unique and known to do things slightly different.


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  • Ken Gracey wrote: »
    Happy to warranty this board - contact me offline kgracey@parallax.com.

    Ken Gracey

    This is just ONE of the many reasons that I am a Parallax customer, but it is a REALLY good reason.

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  • I agree!

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  • Absolutely, Parallax has some of the best customer service I have ever seen.
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