Juke_Bot Propeller spin project

I have been putting this project to-gether and it does not work.
I now know of few issues.
1.I used the Activity Bot it uses - high speed 360 servos and original project used Bee-Bot with standard servos.
2. I have no sound -although - they both uses same parts.and drivers.

The activity bot erratically which is mosy likely driver issue but I have double cheked the sound(JUKE-bot) - Ihave no sound at all-I follwed all the instructions.

The activity bot - uses Activity Board WX - which uses the pins for the hardware sa the Bee-bot.

I hope some one will help to fix the issues - mainly the servo issue.

Thank you.



  • I hope Andy Lindsey will put some light to this issue.

  • @Tom.M
    These lines of code are from the “DemoFeedBackServo”:

    repeat until pst.rxCount <> 0
    repeat theservo from 0 to LastServo
    pst.str(string(" Servo"))
    pst.str(string(" Theta: "))
    pst.str(string(" RPM: "))
    waitcnt(clkfreq/10 + cnt)

    I am trying to understand what this line-
    "dispTree(FBS.GetVelocity(TheServo))" - refers to – rest of the code I understand and this line appears in the 360 Driver too.
    Please can you explain this to me(I am not a experience coder ).I can write
    simple code in spin.

    Thank you,

  • Moderator,
    Please move the last comment to Robotics discussion under the same topic.

    Thank you,

  • It displays the position or velocity of the servo. It's a method at the bottom of the spin code. I believe it prints a 3 digit number. You might want to post a question to Tom C in the thread I pointed you to. He's very helpful.

    Tom M.
  • @Tom M,
    What got me confused is that normally in spin when referring to a method
    a period(.) is placed after the reference to the method.
    The line is: "dispThree(FBS.GetVelocity(TheServo))"

    I will post the question to Tom C.

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

  • I am not a Spin expert by any stretch of the imagination. But I think there is no period in the code you posted because "dispThree()" is a method defined in the object where it is called (demofeedbackservo.spin). Note that when methods in the FBS object are called, the code does have the period after the object name (FBS) and before the method name (for example "dispThree(FBS.GetVelocity(TheServo))"

    I am looking at the obex version at this link and I did not see dispThree called in the driver object.


    Hope this helps,
    Tom M
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