Dumb Question, Are any of the P1 FPGAs Still Around?

I am curious as to about how long an flag prototype lasts before it kind of just, fades away.


  • jmgjmg Posts: 14,177
    Do you mean the FPGA's used to develop the original P1, way, way back, before it was taped out ?
    'still around' may mean they are in a museum cabinet at Parallax ?
  • You can buy a Altera cyclone FPGA board from adafruit for $ 99.
  • $99??!! Good grief!!
  • jac_goudsmitjac_goudsmit Posts: 415
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    If you want to get an FPGA to run as a Propeller 1, I recommend the Digilent Arty A7-35T. It's a little over $100 and it has PMOD connectors for which there is a lot of hardware available (such as VGA connectors and I2C EEPROMs), as well as Arduino headers.

    And unlike most of the other FPGA boards that are supported by my P1V Github Repository, it doesn't require a Prop plug: the on-board FTDI chip can be used as Prop plug.

  • I was looking at purchasing one, until I saw the prices! Understanding was swift!
  • Yes AC this is why companies spend $millions to spin actual silicon, and why we pay for it when they do.

    While it's cool that you can use a FPGA to make a P1 with 64K RAM, it's not very practical in terms of actually doing anything with it since it's $100 instead of $8 for an actual P1.
  • Yap. And a lot smaller, too.
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