ESP-8266 programming prop *qusai-self-hosted development environment*

Hey guys, I've been doing some experimentation with wireless communication and programming of the propeller and I'm starting to get really excited. Bluetooth with a generic hc-06 was almost too simple, just connect 4 wires and wireless serial communication. In the past I've used a ymodem program to copy to and from SD card and it just works like any other comport!!! COOL :)

So now I'm looking at what can be done with the WX and wondering if i'm missing something. I found this thread that explains how to setup serial communication, programming and whatnot. : :

Which got me digging through the GitHub.... and found cloud-compiler, and a couple other cloud based tools. Once again, very cool and potentially useful. But still not quite what i'm looking for. I think most if not all the pieces already exist for a web based IDE / programming solution but I can't find any examples. Any help would be great!

I've been looking at Sphinx and the possibility of porting it to my hardware. There's a couple big gotchas though and tbh I've never really understood compilation / linking all that well. I guess that's the one thing that always stopped me from getting any further with my C explorations.


  • Using the BadgeWX or a Propeller mini and the WX ESP8266 you can build an environment that can be programmed remotely.

    To build a environment that works off the web requires a compiler and linker programs plus all the library functions that will not fit on Propeller chip. That is what the chip was not meant to do.

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