useing Eeprom M24C02-WMN6TP

Hi guys,

This is the first form I have ever used. So if I'm jumping line or something, sorry.

I'm pretty new to programing and circuits as well. Know just enough to get me into trouble Haha.

I've poked around with the prop on and off for a while now and am making my first PCB project. So far most of the circuits are working as intended. But I'm really out of my depth on the Eeprom problem I'm having, and as PCB's are hard to work with and expensive to throw away I was hoping some of you fine people could help me out.

I'm using M24C02-WMN6TP as my eeprom. I looked at the data sheet and it seemed to me would be a plug and play switch save for the size. But when I try to load my program into ROM it tells me it can't. The program loads into RAM and runs (thankfully, I was defiantly holding my breath when I pushed that button lol)

I have it hook up as follows

P1) E0 to GND
P2) E1 to GND
P3) E2 to GND
P4) VSS to GND

P5) SDA to PropPin 29 with a pull up of 10k to 4.4v
P6) SCL to PropPin 28
P7) WC to GND
P8) VCC to same source as PropChip power 4.4v (I need to drop this voltage I know but for testing so far it seems to be working)

As a side thought, I am going to flip the chip around. It doesn't have any marking on it indicating pin one so maybe its backwards??

Thanks for any thoughts.


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