SpinEdit - Editor for Spin, Spin2 and FastBasic

RaymanRayman Posts: 8,897
SpinEdit is a work in progress, but so far can work with Spin, Spin2 and FastBasic files...

In Spin mode, there are 4 compiler options (see screenshot pic): Propellent, OpenSpin, FastSpin, and BSTC (AKA Brad's spin tool)

FastBasic can compile to P1 or P2 via options. See screenshot to see how currently colorized.

Not everything (or actually anything) has been rigorously tested, so there may be flaws...
Note: This is for Windows, but may work in part under Wine on Mac or Linux

Update: zip updated 01DEC18 (added current line and row in status pane so can find out which line corresponds to errors reported by Fastspin)

Prop Info and Apps: http://www.rayslogic.com/


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