BadgeWX Batteries

I have been using the BadgeWX unit to do some coding and noticed that when the batteries run down my program would suddenly stop working even though the screen was on.

The problem is that when the batteries run down it causes a brown out reboot and it will load whatever program is stored in EEPROM. Well I don't have a program stored in EEPROM so when it reboots it goes into a spin and my program stops running.

To fix this problem I created a dummy program that I load into EEPROM that displays the message LOW BAT so I know it's time to change the batteries instead of guessing if my program is not working or not. I don't put programs on the badge but use it to test out code and see the results.

The program also hides itself so that when I power on the unit it does not load the low battery program.


Low Battery Code


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