Once again back in the Stamp business.

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What I am running here is a BS2 courtesy of one of our one, yes yourself microcontrolleruser, I swapped out the one on the board with the one you sent me, and it works splendidly.

Incidentally I thought I had three working BOE boards, it turns out it is two, the third one has its power circuitry destroyed. If any of you back there at Parallax are interested in that one, please PM me, and I'll post to the PM a reasonably good photo of the problem.

Now here's the fun stuff, the code I tried out is the classic code to enable a Stamp2 to talk to a TI-83 Plus Calculator.
' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.0}

serdata  VAR  Byte

'*****this will wait for serial from calculator
SERIN 15,396,[serdata]

'***this will send it to the pc debug screen
DEBUG DEC serdata, CR

'***this will send the same data plus 1 back to the calculator
serdata=serdata + 1
SEROUT 15,396,[serdata]

GOTO again

Incidentally group that is the original code posted to the original site that the fellow who created this idea back when we were being annoyed by Yahoo groups for our discussions.

My next one will be with the BS1 that was also included from yourself, microcontrolleruser. More on that later in my next posting.


  • Hello!
    Okay now it is the BS1 that was also sent along to me via one of us, microcontrolleruser, and yes it is that one fellow. After a bit of an argument with the board I chose, the program shown works.
    ' {$STAMP BS1}
    ' {$PBASIC 1.0}
    SYMBOL serData = B2
    DEBUG serData
    SERIN 7, T2400, serData
    DEBUG serData
    serData = serData + 1
    SEROUT 7, T2400, (serData)
    GOTO Main

    it was translated for me from the original BS2 posting which is above, by one Jon Williams (I freely admit that I know how to write an excellent program in BASIC for either device, but translating from one to the other managed to lose me.) So there all of you go.

    And where I go from there, with either of them? Right now I've got a big thing taking shape. If it works then I'm on, if not, then there's more to work on.
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