Kitty Bot - Parallax Arduino project - need help!

Before posting to the forums and I searched for any threads regarding the Parallax Kitty Bot Arduino Project, and only found a thread where a user wanted to convert the Kitty Bot to a Basic Stamp 2 project; not what I was looking for.

Kitty Bot Project....

I followed all the instructions on the Parallax Kitty Project, and made sure I removed all the remaining solder flux from the left over soldering from the Adafruit MP3 shield with rubbing alcohol.

This is what happened,

After making sure all Arduino Adafruit MP3 shield libraries were installed in the Arduino IDE library, I proceeded with compiling the Kitty Bot code provided by Parallax, no errors or warnings on code and uploaded with no problem. After uploading the Kitty code, nothing happened, so I checked my power supply and nothing was wrong, I loaded other working servo code and everything was fine, I reviewed the Kitty Bot code and noticed the servos were placed for pins 8 and 9, so I thought no problem easy fix just rename the servo pins to my pins using pins 12 and 13 on the Parallax Arduino Board. But that did not fix the problem servos don't work right; one spins and the other one stays still, the Ping sensor works as the servos stop as they are programmed to and the Adafruit MP3 Shield works as it Purrs, Meows, and Hisses as the code is written. Only the Servos don't work right, and one Servo wheel moves as the Adafruit MP3 Shield Purrs or Hisses at the same time. That leads me to think something is wrong with the "interrups" in the code, that's beyond my skill in Arduino programming.

Can someone help with this project?


  • Pins 12 and 13 are the MISO and CLK pins for hardware SPI, which is used by the MicroSD card reader. Near the beginning of the script for the Arduino;
    // include SPI, MP3, Servo and SD libraries
    #include <SPI.h>             // We will use the hardware SPI pins: CLK (13), MISO (12), MOSI (11)    <<--------
    #include "Adafruit_VS1053.h"
    #include <SD.h>
    #include <Servo.h>

    Why are you not connecting the servos to pins 8 & 9?
  • Thank You for your reply Hal Albach.

    Everything Works!!!

    I just saw that, I guess I was exhausted from doing all the soldering and setup that I missed that, and I tried to conveniently use the Servo Sockets on the Parallax Arduino Shield.

    Note: to any future Kitty Bot Arduino user, don't change the code: use as is, use PINs 8 and 9 for the Servos you must wire them up to it, don't use the Servo Sockets on the Parallax Arduino Shield!!!

    Thank You Hal Albach for your support!!!
  • Glad to hear you have it working, thanks for the feedback. BTW, welcome to the forums.
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