Arlo Battery Charger Adapter

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The Arlo Battery Charger - 2.1 mm is designed to charge 12 VDC sealed lead acid batteries, such as those used on the Arlo Robot system. This device will charge either 1 or 2 SLA batteries at a time, and it mates with the charging jack that comes standard on the Arlo Power Distribution Board (#28996).

This charger fits the 2.1 mm inner diameter power jack in the Arlo Power Distribution Board (#28996) kits made beginning June 2015. (Prior to that, a 2.5 mm power jack was used, to fit the original Arlo Battery Charger - 2.5 mm)

If you have the new Arlo Battery Charger - 2.1 mm Plug and need to use it with the earlier Arlo Power Distribution Board - the one with the 2.5 mm barrel jack you need an adapter. Adafruit has what you need here - They say, ""Hrmph! All I have is a power supply with a 2.1mm plug and my doodly-whatsit has a 2.5mm jack. I keep trying to force the plug to fit but that 0.4mm difference just won't work....what am I going to do!? ENTER The Adapter. This 2.1mm to 2.5mm adapter is the best way to adapt a 2.1mm plug so that it will fit into a 2.5mm jack."

Works great.

With limited description on the web - I ordered another elsewhere that wasn't what I needed. This one is just right and inexpensive too. It cost way more to have it shipped - so order some other goodies too!

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    God bless you and your fine work, Whit.

    @Ken: At just 95 cents each, it's likely worthwhile for Parallax to stock these, and include Whit's gem of information on the charger website. I'm sure you had valid reasons for this running change, and making this adapter available is right in line with Parallax's prodigious propensity for people pleasin'!
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