More Not-So-Great Deals from eBay

Guess I shouldn't have donated my remaining copies of this book to the local library. I could have gotten $75 each!


  • Face it Gordon, you're just that good :-)

    Plus it's kind of hard to duplicate that spiral binding experience in an online pirate copy.
  • That's hilarious.
    You should offer to autograph it for the seller. Maybe it'll break 3 digits :thumb:
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,618
    Gordon: You could stop that scalper in his tracks by writing a scathing review of that book!

    Pick your battles. :)
  • I'm not even sure there was a set price for that book. It was originally included in a kit of paints and brushes.
  • Gordon,
    Do you hold the copyright on this book? Has it expired?
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,618
    Gordon: If it makes you feel any better, the yin/yang value/ripoff balance has been restored by the Mindflex game I received today. Perfect condition, works perfectly, and my one bid of $16.50 won it. The poor seller offered free shipping but paid $25 to mail it. Very sad times when the seller loses money like this, he would have come out better just throwing it away.

    PS: I hooked up the battery polarity backwards and the doggone thing controlled my mind...
  • Jim, It was a work for hire, and copyright was assigned to Testors.

    In the US, since the 70s, copyrights don't expire during the lifetime of an author.
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