Is Parallax disappearing from Fry's?



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    You forgot to mention co-op advertising "fees" -- or were you lucky enough to avoid those? At least you didn't have to deal with Walmart! :)

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    Hmmm. Maybe it's up to us Parallax fanboys to keep sneaking Parallax product into Fry's to keep a shelf presence there.

    Not sure how that affects the bottom line, I'll have to run a simulation.
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  • Dealing with Fry's in the Siddiqui days could have been trying.
  • Visibility was a plus at least for me. Had no idea what a prop was or could do until I saw the prop ed kit at a Phoenix Fry's. You still may need a presence even if indirectly via print or net articles. Nuts &Volts, hackaday, etc will be the main way your product will be known after the Frys, RS, and micro center stores fade out.
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    Dealing with Fry's in the Siddiqui days could have been trying.

    Haha! I'd say! Not many people are aware of that situation as Fry's is a privately held company. But what a mess that was.

  • Dealing with retail stores...
    You also give points to Head Office
    Points for payment on 30 days, which is 30 days after the month in which the product was bought (yes, otherwise they pay much later)
    Points to pay 14 days, which is 14 days after each 14 day period.
    Extra discounts for their "specials". You didn't think they were giving the discount did you?
    Cash back for stock on hand when price reduces (electronic products rarely increase)
    Cash back for any product they return, including opened or used product, even with missing parts

    Yep. A real PITA, but sometimes really necessary, depending on your business model.

    Been there, done that ;)
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  • Fry's is at it again. They have discounted more of the few Parallax devices that are left in the store:

    Parallax P8X32A-D40 Propeller Chip - $4.99

    Parallax 4-Directional Tilt Sensor - $2.99

    Parallax Dual Relay Board Kit - $4.99
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