Hitachi HM55B and ActivityBot

I have one of the Hitachi HM55B compass modules and one of my students is working on an independent project. Right now he is just testing a bunch of my older sensors and seeing if we can get them working on an ActivityBot. Does any one know if this compass module will work on the ActivityBot, and if so, is there any examples of code that we could use as a starting point. I am particularly interested in PropC code if any is available, as he is trying to go into programming in college and wants to get better at using C this year in high school.

Any help or ideas of where to start would be appreciated.

Tim Lewis
GLHS Robotics


  • Mike GreenMike Green Posts: 22,921
    edited 2017-09-14 - 00:03:16
    The HM55B is pretty old as these things go. I did find sample programs for the BS2 and Propeller (Spin only). See attached. The Propeller demos should be able to be used with the ActivityBot with little or no changes.
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