8 x 32 dot matrix stick uses (fake?) MAX7219

I noticed these showing up on ebay. Looks like 4 pieces of 8x8 on a common PCB. There are a number of ads for them, perhaps all the same, perhaps not. I chose this one because they show pictures of a longer string.


I doubt that they purchased 4 MAX7219 for $5.59 and that aint counting the LEDs, etc.


  • Wow a schematic uncluded, these boards are intended for separation, hope they are not to flimsy at the score line. That's a better idea to keep the signal lines short, I may have try these instead of the single boards I have now, a string of eight isn't to much different than a string of ten.

    Thanks for posting this, somebody must be working 24/7 to make these chips and displays.
  • I have also build scrolling display
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