Spinneret as a FTP Server

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I was cleaning the office the other day and found my spinneret in a box of stuff. I am thinking I want to play with it again. Is there any objects in the obex for turning the spinneret into a small FTP server. I have been searching for a while and have not found much.

I am not sure what the size limitations are for the SD card, I am hoping to use an 8 GB SD card.



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    There is an FTP Server example on the Wiznet site...


    ...written in 'C' for an AVR. I think the Spinneret could easily handle FTP, but it's non-trivial to
    implement. Don't recall many complaints about not having FTP, guess it's kind of over the hill.

    I'm using a Sandisk 8GB with Mike's code, seems to work fine.
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    I just thought it would be fun to have a small FTP server running that used very little power and had a very small security risk of being hacked. It would be kind of like my own little cloud drive. I have kind of changed paths again, closer to what I started playing with when I got the Spinneret. I am playing with the xml examples right now that Mike G has put together.

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    I believe Rforbes did some FTP work... But I can't find the post.
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    Hi Shawna,
    I did some stuff using it as an ftp client. I will tidy it up and post it here for reference. It'll be a couple days before I get a chance to do so. Maybe it'll help spark some ideas.
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    That would be awesome.
  • Did anything happen after this milestone?
  • there is some Tachyon code for the spinneret providing a telnet server and FTP server.

    Never tried it, so not sure.

  • And http as well. I will put it back online so you can try it... Shortly
  • I am now back to the code I found at Google code and exported to here: https://github.com/neondata/spinneret-web-server
    This is quite interesting, as there is the documentation of what to do with the server in html files that are located on the server. I will bring up a server soon (currently fighting with my firewall) and the service from serverbeer will be available again. ;-)
  • what ever became of the Serve Beersite? That was a veryuseful andinformative site.
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    I think it just shut down by I am going through the code currently and will bring the site up again. Hopefully.
  • Took a little walk through history and found, that mikes spinneret was improved by msrobot, what means, I have to study even more until I can upload files. One's it's done, a new serverbeer will exist.
  • Hey Erna, I can't help but think that with all this digging and studying and effort that had you instead expended even half of that learning Tachyon that not only would you be up and running but you would be seeing how everything else that you want to do would come together nicely. In the process you would have a lot of FUN.

    The same observations goes for many other threads as well where a lot of effort goes in for very little or disappointing results. Oh, the humanity!
  • Hi Peter, I fully follow what you say. It's like don't throw good money after bad money. I know I'm doing wrong. But the customer wants it. Music is determined by those who pay. Not only I follow, I often am ahead. Some told me in my hystory: whe should have followed your advice. Normally that happens, when money is spent. ;-) Currently I am sure, all the three phase grid gurus have overseen the fact, that zero is not nothing ;-) If I could convince any person, that would allow me to do Tachyon ;-)
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    What's a good board to practice Tachyon with? How do I get started and what are the advantages over C and SPIN
  • NWCCTV wrote: »
    What's a good board to practice Tachyon with? How do I get started and what are the advantages over C and SPIN

    You should really ask this on the Tachyon thread or start a new one.
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    NWCCTV wrote: »
    What's a good board to practice Tachyon with? How do I get started and what are the advantages over C and SPIN

    see answer here
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