Hardware Communication Error Fixed!!!

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Kept getting it using my laptop USB to serial. Here's how I fixed it:
Control panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager: expand Ports:right click on USB Serial Port, click Properties. Select Port Settings tab, click Advanced. Under BM Options, lower Latency Timer value. Mine was 16, I lowered it to 12, no problems now. I up'ed it 16 again, and BS2 acted up again. Set it back to 12 and works fine. I can use my laptop with my robot now !!!


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    For future reference this is covered in the Troubleshooting FAQ at the bottom of our USB Driver Download page on our website. many customers have to go as low as 3 or 4 on the Latency Timer for it to work properly.· This varies with different laptops.· Take care.

    Chris Savage
    Parallax Tech Support
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    Thank you for the info, didn't realize the FAQ list was there.
  • Sorry for the necro bump, but this still is an amazing solution.
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