Controller doesn't fit console game port?

Hi all,

I purchased a HYDRA kit from a Fry's in Seattle last week, flew it home to Toronto, unpacked it, plugged everything in, and... the controller doesn't fit.· I've tried the controller in both game ports, applied pressure (to the point where I was concerned about breakage), angled it, wiggled it, etc, but it just won't go in.· mad.gif

I'm not sure if there are different versions of the kit, or if some kits have different controllers, but mine came with a black Super 8 Pad from Yobo Gameware (item no. 0T-8155).

Has anyone else had trouble with the controllers?




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    I had the same problem at first. The controller port is extremely stiff I found for the first few times I inserted/uninserted the controller. Just put something directly under the controller port of the Hydra (like a block of wood so you won't snap it) then push it down as hard as you can until it's in. When fully inserted, the lip on the plug should rest on top of the port.
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    Thanks for the advice.· I put a thick paperback book under the unit to support it, gave it a good, hard·push, and it's in.· It took a lot more pressure than I expected. smile.gif


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    Yes, next time just put a little baby oil or silicon lube around the controller outside and it will go in better, its a brand new connector on both, so they have to be inserted and removed like 10x to loosen up.

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