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El PaisaEl Paisa Posts: 375
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I· have an application where I would like to use a Graphics Lcd with Touch screen.
How hard will be to write a program in Spin to send info to and received Touch screen data?
This display would be a perhaps a better device to run than using video Lcd.


  • MachineMonkeyMachineMonkey Posts: 30
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    Depends on the screen. Most (commercial stock replacement) touchscreens act just like mice via USB and video via VGA. If you are looking at EarthLCD development kits or something similar, prepare to spend some time learning to write drivers. Then, prepare to spend some money buying a drop-in screen when driver writing turns into a nightmare. Overall, I'd say you should first try this out with a screen you didn't buy to make sure it will work (read: employer's property). Otherwise, the expense of a screen that won't work for your project can be daunting and frustrating.

    Just my $0.02,

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  • El PaisaEl Paisa Posts: 375
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    I did not quite understand what you mean.
    I have a ezLCD-004 and use it in several MCUs including Parallax BS2P, AVR ATmega128.

    The display works just fine not only in graphics (320x240 pixels) but the Touch Screen.

    I use Pbasic, BascomAVR and Devcpp.

    Only I want to integrate the Propeller with this display.

    BTW see an example
    1280 x 960 - 725K
  • Jon WilliamsJon Williams Posts: 6,491
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    Serial is probably going to be the easiest interface, and the FullDuplex serial object will give you any baud rate the device supports.

    Jon Williams
    Applications Engineer, Parallax
  • El PaisaEl Paisa Posts: 375
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    Thanks Jon.
    Thats great, I am right now running the display using the serial mode at:
    115200 baud on the ATmega128 and 9600 on the BS2P.
    No level translators, just pin to pin.

    Also supposed to run using I2C and USB ( I have not tried yet)
  • El PaisaEl Paisa Posts: 375
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    What about this for graphics, 320x240 pixels, 16 bit palette
  • inakiinaki Posts: 262
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    El Paisa,
    the EZ LCD works also in parallel mode which is much faster than the serial mode and should be managed from a Propeller without difficult.
    EZ LCD is slow when using serial.
    I miss the capability of reading the display memory. Having an external 320x240x16 display frame is not a suitable solution for microcontrollers.

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