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Bent CarhoodBent Carhood Posts: 10
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Anyone know where I can get the Web Server Module that is mentioned in the Stamp 2 Communications and Control Projects book?· My buddy, Google, doesn't seem to know anything about it. Also, anyone have any experience using it?




  • Jim McCorisonJim McCorison Posts: 359
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    Just Google on "basic stamp web server" The first hit is:


    No experience with it though.

  • OrionOrion Posts: 236
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    It's a siteplayer, check out page 333. The catch is the author doesn't cough up the code(for the siteplayer), or not for free at least!

    And another note on this book, the caller id decoder IC that is used in one of his projects has been long ago discontinued.· This really broke my heart as I have many uses for caller id data.

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  • Bent CarhoodBent Carhood Posts: 10
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    I just got the book and I noticed that about the Caller ID decoder. I think I'm going to return the book.

  • OrionOrion Posts: 236
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    if you really wanted to build that project I could look at the BS code and come up with what you need for the siteplayer. It doesn't look like he is doing anything fancy with it.
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    Thanks, but I'm planning a different project and was researching all my options. My project is to make a XML driven VFD panel. I want to "point" the display to a web service which pulls data from various internet sites and display it on a 4x20 VFD.
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    The Siteplayer "code" is on the CD that came with my copy of the book
    and the source for this "code" is there as well. Please note that there is
    no programming language used on the SitePlayer, just a collection of
    webpages that get installed onto the SitePlayer. The SP is not programmable
    like a 'Stamp.

    Happy New Year, y'all!

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  • OrionOrion Posts: 236
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    Really never checked the cd out. Why they do they offer programming of it then? The software is free and its as easy as the stamp to program, click click done.
  • Fe2o3FishFe2o3Fish Posts: 170
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    Uh...why should the Basic Stamp code be provided as well, if it's easy to program?? smile.gif The
    author provides all parts so that there's a known and working starting point for the reader
    (particularly the newbie to some of the pieces) with which to further develop and experiment.

    The "programming" for the SitePlayer is just some webpages and data definitions which the
    author "linked together" for direct download into the SitePlayer. To me, this is no different
    than someone here on the Parallax forums offering a cuberoot routine. smile.gif

    Keep in mind too that it may be simple to you and me BUT.... to SOME people it's not so
    easy to "program". I see that when I help out in the SitePlayer Yahoo group. We see that
    here on the Parallax groups, don't we??

    Rusty Haddock = KD4WLZ = rusty@fe2o3.lonestar.org
    **Out yonder in the Van Alstyne (TX) Metropolitan Area**
    Microsoft is to software what McDonalds is to gourmet cooking
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