BOE-Bot Speech Board problems

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My robotics class recently got a whole bunch of those BOE-Bot Speech Boards, and they work REALLY well the first time we used them. But ever since then, it gets words mixed up all over the place. It is currently saying 'zero' instead of 'Object detected, turning left.' Just as a test, we used one of the other speech boards, and again, it only works the first time... I am just wondering, what am I doing wrong? I am using the default Talking IR code that came with it. If you could help, that would be great... thanks.


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    This might be an issue with your PC, what typ of PC are you using?· We have seen this sort of problem with Dell laptops.· Add a debug statement to your code and see if this helps?· You can also disconnect the serial cable and see if it corrects the problem.· The issue that we have seen with certain·laptops,·is that they will reset the stamp due to their serial ports and the way they are set up.


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