Does anyone have a CrustCrawler SG5 robot arm?

chewiechewie Posts: 2
edited 2004-12-11 - 05:17:45 in Robotics
Hi folks,

I've been trying to find time to get into robotics seriously since I graduated 10 years ago and I've finally taken the plunge. As robot arms have always been more interesting to me I plumped for the CrustCrawler SG5-UT arm, along with a BS2p40 and the NX-1000 24/40 to run it from and allowing work on other projects I have in mind·- in the New Year I'll get a HexCrawler from them too I think.

My question is this - who else has one of these arms? I've looked about the net but can't see any sign of anyone else apart from one person having one. I do plan on putting a bunch of code, pictures etc up on the web but I'd love to know if anyone's even interested, or has any data of their own.




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