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I now have my Boe-Bot controled with IR ( TV Remote ). Also I have sensors that will over ride the IR control if objects are detected. I would like to use some kind RF control and also add more controled features. I would appreciate any input on using the Parallax RF transmiter-reciever boards or the use of Model RC controls ( like used with model airplanes ).

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    I typed the word·transceiver into the search field on the Parallax home page and came up with a number of products.··They 433 MHz transceivers used to have some example code downloads that were pretty comprehensive,·demonstrating flow control, error checking and·some interesting techniques for storing and retrieving the information.· They're not there any more, so they are attached here as a zip.· Some of the same material might also be available in this book:·Stamp 2 Communications and Control Projects Book
    On the subject of RC control, the servos on RC devices get pulses directly from the RC receiver.· The BASIC Stamp can be programmed to measure these signals with PULSIN commands, and then take action accordingly.

    This one is also kind of cool because you can send and receive text plus receive video: RoboEye Wireless Vision System

    My favorite transceivers are these:·433.92 MHz Transceiver (SIP/solid/raw).··I like them because I can customize my master unit as well as the slave(s).· The Boe-Bot is the slave unit, and another Board of Education with another BASIC Stamp 2 is the master.· The possibilities are pretty much endless then.· Here are just a few examples of things you can build:
    • Master unit connected to a PC, and commands issued from Debug terminal based IR object detectors on the Boe-Bot.
    • Master unit connected to joystick - pure remoter control
    • Simple control with pushbuttons and a potentiometer mounted on the master.
    • Master unit connected to joystick with LCD displaying the IR distance detection
    • Slave unit in a maze sending map information to master unit connected to PC.· PC used to display the map and send decisions back to the Boe-Bot.
    • Master unit connected to Memsic Accelerometer.· Slave unit is then controlled by tilting the master.· BTW, the Memsic is fun on the Boe-Bot too; you can program your Boe-Bot so that it doesn't risk hills that could topple it.
    • Master unit displays distance and Whiskers on graphic LCD, slave unit determines speed and direction by clicking a certain location on the LCD.·

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