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Ask questions clearly:
Include information about the processor you are using, any source code you have written or modified and a schematic if possible or applicable.

Be polite:
Polite lively debate is welcome. However, flames, rude behavior, and personal insults are not helpful and will not be tolerated. Swearing is not allowed. Members of the forum who engage in this behavior could be subject to a warning or permanent ban from the forum.

Calendar entries:
If you have an event you would like added to the calendar please contact a forum moderator. The moderator has the ability to add you event if she/he thinks it is relevant to the group.

Commercial posts:
If you offer a product for sale on our forums do so with discretion (ex: don't try to sell a car on our forums). If you offer a product of interest to our forum members you may provide contact information so other users may contact you to make a purchase. The kinds of products that fit may include development boards, microcontroller products, sensors and related applications. Again, choose the best forum to make your post and be sure not to cross-post.

Copying and quoting posts:
It is not necessary to copy or quote prior portions of a thread in your reply. Copy portions only when responding to specific points further up in the thread that aid your answer or provide additional clarification while providing your answer.

Do not cross-post questions in the same forum or on other forums. When the same post is found in more than one post, even under different subject lines, the forum moderator will remove one (or more) of the redundant posts.

Multiple screen names:
Do not create multiple logins. It is poor forum netiquette to use additional logins to support your (or others) posts on the forums and certainly inappropriate to use this to flame or even disagree with another member. Accounts found to have multiple logins used in this manner will have the additional login disabled. Repeated issues could lead to a ban.

Negative discussion of other members:
There will be no negative discussion of other members. If you find a post bothersome or inappropriate please click on the inappropriate post button at the top of the post or send the forum leader a notice. Please do not start up another thread referring to the post or to the member who made the post, this just escalates the issue.

Political or religious beliefs:
These forums are not the place to discuss your political or religious beliefs or agenda. Please find appropriate political or religious forums to do this in.

Private messages and blogs:
Private messages and blogs must abide by the same forum guidelines above. We practice a no tolerance rule to private messages or blogs that are harassing, rude, or offensive in any way. Those that do not abide by these rules will quickly loose PM or blogging rights or be permanently banned from the forums.

Provide a clear, specific and concise subject line:
This is one of the most important details to obtaining a reply to your question. In order to engage somebody on the forum it is to your benefit to provide a clear subject line detailing the nature of your question. Be as concise as possible.

Removal of posts/locked posts/relocation of threads:
Parallax forum moderators can lock threads, relocate threads and remove posts if their content is posted in the wrong place or if a particular post gets too heated or violates our forum guidelines.

Signature Line Graphics and Avatars/Profile Pictures:
Graphical banners or other pictures in the signature line are not permitted. Please free to use an avatar. Please try not to make your avatar too flashy as other members can find this distracting when reading posts. In addition, because the Parallax forums are often visited by students as young as eight, Parallax does not tolerate inappropriate images as avatars or profile pictures. Please keep your avatar/profile pictures “PG”, and accounts found to have offensive images will be issued a warning and/or banned from the forum.

Stay on topic:
If you are deviating from the topic please start a new thread. Likewise, if you are following up on the same topic please reply in your original thread rather than starting a new one. Always post in the appropriate forum for the subject of your message. For example, if you are interfacing a Propeller to a sensor and you can't decide in which forum to post your question (Propeller or Sensors), do your best to determine if the question is more about programming the Propeller or more about the interfacing and performance of the sensor.

For questions or clarifications on our forum rules please ask our Forum Moderators by e-mail (
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