EEPROM ID please???

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I have a chip board that has an 8-pin surface mount EEPROM on it with the number:· 9877 2J64 on it. I have searched high and low for info on the thing to no prevail.· It has no logo on it.· The board is from Elpida Memory, but looking there, I didn't find it.· Maybe they hid the info?· Or got the chip from somewhere else?· I really need to know about this chip.· I found a spec sheet on the board.· It shows how the EEPROM is connected to the boards circuitry.· It shows pin connections:· SCL, SDA, SA0, SA1, SA2, Vcc, Vss, and NC on the last pin.· I am not sure of the pin numbers though, no separat sheet for the EEPROM chip.· The data sheet describes the chip as·a Serial PD.· Thanks.

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    If you get lucky, it's a standard I2C memory like the 24LC64.· If it is, you can connect to it using routines I posted in another thread.· I found a spec sheet here:

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