problem with testing hexcrawler pushbuttons

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I am following along in the hexcrawler manual - now at chapter 5, testing the pushbutton controls. have HexCrawler_Pushbutton_Test.BS2 loaded and 'kind of' working.
My debugger box shows messages of '0' when starting.

pushing button on pin8, changes to show a '1' in the debugger, but pushing the button for pin 12 causes both to say they are pressed. I have checked the wiring over and over. moved the circuits around a little, moving them further apart. I even removed button 8 and its 220 resistor going to the Vss, and i still get the same message (8 and 12, 1 and being pressed when I press button 12).



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    This seems like there is a wiring issue or a coding issue, I have this up and running in front of me and it works just great.· Make sure to download the "Button" code from this link:··.


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    Thanks Dave,

    I ended up getting it to work. i did what you suggested and copied the code into my own document, and re-ran the token.
    It seemed to work, but i swear i could not find any coding errors before. Would the direction of the resistors have anything to do with it? i understand the gold end should always be directed towards the flow of electricity?
    ...anyways, its working. But now, I have to wait for a new PSC - it seems this one was not programmed before being shipped out. It wouldn't send back the firmware information to my debugger.
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    The resistors that we use are not polarity sensitive.· I'm glad that you able to get to work.


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