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Waveshare 1.5" OLED grayscale display — Parallax Forums

Waveshare 1.5" OLED grayscale display

Not so much flesh yet, but I am happy to be back in Propeller land. A lot to catch up with, I see.

Still, starting with the Propellers is so easy when Objects are available. For this display I used the existing JonnyMac's ez SPI driver - lets start ez ;o). Just a little glue code around because the display has a SPI interface with D/#C line.

Tweaking the grayscale table and converting an image took more time than the rest.

So, to learn the next lessons I'll probably create a specific object for driving the display. Changing the full screen take somewhat below half a sec. Driven correctly this device should be able to show 90 frames per sec.

But one question I have:
In the main loop I initialize the images array. If I comment those out, the display shows rubbish and I don't understand why. In the DAT block the images array is initialized with the same @ operator. Why does that make a difference? For me it would be logical if those 2 ways produce the same result.

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