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Program/tool to determine WS2811 pixel color combinations — Parallax Forums

Program/tool to determine WS2811 pixel color combinations

LudisLudis Posts: 29
edited 2021-02-18 03:10 in Propeller 1

I attached a P1 program that adjusts the WS2811 pixel color using an encoder and three momentary push buttons. This is basically a tool so anyone can quickly determine a wide range of color combinations and record the associated 3 byte combination. You will be able to build color database for your projects. This outputs the uncompensated and gamma compensated 3 byte combination. The gamma compensation linearizes the LED brightness across the byte.

This also includes a simplified PASM driver which is based on JonnyMac's driver demo. Thanks to JonnyMac for his help.

You will need the following components including 2 from the P2 Live Forum Holiday Spin2 Kit (SKU 64030) from
1) Rextin WS2811 Pixels Digital Addressable LED String Lights
2) Cylewet KY-040 Rotary Encoder Module
3) Parallax Serial Terminal software
4) 3 momentary push buttons (pull low)


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