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Python cyber:bot battery check

Hey everyone!

I've got a cyber:bot and managed to program it quite a bit, but there's one thing that I'd like to do to make it easier to know what's going on. I'm just wondering if it's possible to make the micro:bit check the batteries after turning the power on, and if the batteries are low, show a low battery indicator or something like that. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you for any help you might have.


  • sam_sam_samsam_sam_sam Posts: 2,239
    edited 2021-02-12 02:28

    There might be more than one way to go about finding a solution to this issue
    What type of batteries are you using for this project
    What type of BMS balancing protection board are you using depending on what type of battery you are using
    Do you want to know what percentage of battery power is left
    What type of micro controller/board are you using

  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 7,184
    edited 2021-02-13 00:25

    The cyber:bot PCB has a red light that flashes when the batteries are low. There's a super product guide for this board at Flashing red light is #7.

    Ken Gracey

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