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Perf-board hole size question... — Parallax Forums

Perf-board hole size question...

I know this is a weird question, but if I wanted to "stitch" together two bare phenolic perf-boards to make something akin to a book cover, is there a size of insulated wire that would fit through the existing hole size?

All the wire I have at my bench is perfect for the conductor to match the holes (obviously)...

Not too important for conductivity, so something wire like (but not thread) would be of use too.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.



  • Most perfboard holes are around 0.042" in diameter to accommodate square header pins. So look up insulated wire diameters to see what gauge will most likely fit.


  • Thanks for the suggestion Phil. That'll get me started. I'll leave notes here when I figure this out.


  • I once needed a lot of airflow between two perf boards but still needed some shielding. Remarkably, I had a piece of copper screen from another project that fit the 0.100 inch spacing exactly. I trimmed the edges back, soldered it in, and It worked a treat. Might work for you?

  • If the boards are bare then why do you need insulated wire? I frequently strip finer wires from IDC cable and heaver wires from mains cables which are good to use for support. You can also get pcbs manufactured that are tooled exactly the way you want with routed edges and slots and with silkscreen artwork for just a few dollars these days (except it's CNY time).

  • octettaoctetta Posts: 111
    edited 2021-01-31 02:44

    It's kind of an "art project" so the color of the insulator might make it look nicer. Good suggestions about the custom boards though.

  • AwesomeCronkAwesomeCronk Posts: 1,025
    edited 2021-01-31 16:24

    If you are doing art with this, you may find that the custom pcbs look way nicer than rough-edged perfboard.

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