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cmake and Eclipse micro-controller dev ops


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    David is a major contributor here. He was just here the other day:
  • Yeah, David is the authority on this. I was able to follow thru his instructions to get the p1 working. Now I a unfamiliar with eclipse, so I am looking on other forums to figure out Eclipse.
  • Yep, tagging me with @DavidZemon is a great way to catch my attention in a thread. I don't actually _do_ much (anything) with microcontrollers anymore, so I pretty much just pop in here when I get bored.

    Any specific questions on getting up and running with Eclipse?

    If this is something you foresee spending much time on, I'd _strongly_ encourage you to look into JetBrains CLion. Lots of folks know the JetBrains product line from their more popular IDEs/plugins: IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, ReSharper, and PyCharm. CLion is another one in the same line and is well-worth the money. It is built almost entirely around CMake, so its integration with PropWare is seamless (it is what I used to develop PropWare throughout most of PropWare's lifespan).

    I wish they had a referral thing... but they don't. I get nothing from recommending this to you - it is just my honest opinion.
    Btw, if you are a student, you get all of their IDEs for free.
  • I'll look into Clion. But I am impressed with Eclipse. The issue I had is mostly on the Eclipse end. Reading thru the docs, i was impressed with all the features. They have workspaces, which are folders where your files are stored. I want to make multiple workspaces, since I'll be doing many small projects, I don't really want all my cmake/make files in the same workspace, and trying to consider how projects like this are usually encapsulated. Yet I am confident this is the direction I want to use propware with. I also want to import files from the Learn folder and work on them in a different folder. Also simple IDE has its own terminal which is bound to simple IDE, if I wanted to a terminal output I would think Eclipse has some sort of feature to display text output. Since p1 has lower memory some of the functions are non-standard like the stdio basic stdout is different I think but not sure.
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