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Forum Search Docs???

CJMJCJMJ Posts: 194
edited 2020-12-29 06:19 in General Discussion
Could someone point me to a doc on how to use the Search feature correctly. I was trying to find @Tubular 's post on 'Connecting P2 to LM334Z' and I'm getting 0 related hits.

BTW: I found the discussion thread by going to Tubular's profile and looking at his discussions.

I think this is why a lot of stuff gets 'lost' on this forum. Lost meaning can't find.


  • Yeah that's really hopeless, I can't really explain why other than perhaps some indexing hasn't happened yet? I notice other external search engines also fail to find it. I wonder whether thats because I did the LM335Z thread in general discussion, that mentions that I will later post about LM334Z?

    Here's the proper thread for anyone else interested

    Anyway, consider your frustration shared & therefore diminished
  • The forum search feature is kinda busted. I just use google instead.

    Oddly enough, searching for Connecting P2 to LM334Z actually works for me.

    Anyways, here's how you'd use google to do the same search: Connecting P2 to LM334Z
  • I tried that too, but it takes me to the LM335Z thread, which speaks about the upcoming LM334Z thread.

    Are you sure its actually taking you to LM334Z thread?

    Here's what I see from entering your string in my google

    845 x 599 - 52K
  • Oh, I guess I didn't notice the difference between LM335Z and LM334Z

    Yeah IDK what's up with it not finding that thread.
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