Built the Mystery box Trap, have a few mysterious parts left.

Sorta finished up assembly of the mystery box string shooter. Not impressed with the video. Hands were mostly in the way and could not often see just what parts were picked or how they were placed. Ended up with three extra small clear rounds and three small nylon bushings. Overall picture quality was hard to tell in a couple spots what was there. Three improvements next time:
1. different camera placement so that what is being assembled more visible than the hands doing the assembly and pause when setting aside an assembly or place it at least so that it can be seen
2. good clear stills that can be enlarged to see detail and part placement or
3. at least a line drawing with views showing screw types and placement as well as other part locations. I don't know if the three nylons and small acrylic rounds are extra or not. Can't tell from the video. Guess it's a mystery, but it does mechanically work.

Time to play with the thing now.....
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