Request for input on P2 Live Forums: Recording and Free Chat Management

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Hey all,

Yesterday was real proof that there's a lot to share as the "open discussion" ran for four hours. I even went to an appointment, dinner and returned and people were still chatting when I came back. It's clear that important progress is being made. Previously, community members like @Peter Jakacki requested that we have open chat and idea exchange on a day where I ended things kinda abruptly to go to another Zoom meeting. Having only one corporate Zoom license I couldn't let that particular meeting run on. In the future, I'll schedule any commitment I have on another platform (Hangouts) so the Zoom sessions could continue.

This is what I'm thinking would be a good system for P2 Live Forum management going forward, handling extended community discussion:

- The recording will cover the presenter and their QnA, usually an hour to an hour-and-a-half. I will advise when the recording is starting and stopping.
- The recorded portion covers what will be uploaded to YouTube.
- The remaining meeting will continue until there are no participants, unmoderated, unmanaged, etc without recording and YouTube.

This extended opportunity will provide an opportunity for all kinds of discussion and idea-sharing. It could also be more fitting for those who don't want their secrets shared on the internet but need the help of other programming experts.

This brings an additional benefit to my management of the system: process. You are creative, engineering thinkers, but I get by on processes and systems to counteract the often unknowns that engineers pose in their free-thinking mode. When I encounter a four-hour video, like from yesterday, it's a bit tough to manage at 5-6 GB of size. I tried to upload it several times today but my office mate (the financial Controller) was brought to a standstill. It's important to keep them happy since they're all about the process as well. The shorter hour to hour-and-a-half recordings are much easier for us to throw around.

Thoughts? Do I hear a motion to move and adopt the P2 Live Forum format with these minor modifications?

Ken Gracey

P.S. Who talked Tracy Allen into participating?! Wonderful to have his science contributions now in the P2 community! Between his knowledge, @Roy Eltham 's issue with RCTime and Chip we should be able to resolve their issues quite nicely.


  • The ability to access the knowledge base of the “heavy hitters” in an informal setting is, IMHO, essential. There are times when just 90 seconds of face time with another Parallaxian would make the difference in me spending hours going back and forth on the forum. So sign me up!

    We could *really* use a periodic, scheduled AMA with Chip, too. The docs are coming together (thanks to all!!) but until there is a P2 Bible, Chip shouldnt be going on any extended trips. :)
  • Sounds good to me Ken!
  • That was even better than "not planned" :)
    I hung in for as long as I could but I only had a few hours sleep and I was a bit bushed.
    The other format that can work for presentations is to break it up symposium style into shorter speaker parts of around 10 to 20 minutes each, making it a easier for others to have a part, but also making it easier to follow and having a "variety of dishes" can appeal to a wider audience.
    Ken would co-ordinate and chair of course.
  • @Ken Gracey
    Thoughts? Do I hear a motion to move and adopt the P2 Live Forum format with these minor modifications?

    Sounds great!!
  • @Ken Gracey
    Are the live forums recorded. And if so where are they archived for later viewing?
  • Parallax has a youtube channel that the chats are saved at:
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