Madgwick better than Kalman filter for IMU/AHRS using 6 or 9 degree of freedom MEMS sensor?

Working on getting the LSM9DS1 (9DOF Mems) sensor working on P2.
Was thinking that I'd use C to implement a Kalman filter.

But, just today I noticed Adafruit writing about something that looks better:

That took here:
Madgwick claims his approach is better for microcontrollers with similar performance as Kalman filter.
There are versions for both 6 and 9 DOF sensors.

Code does look fairly compact although there is a lot of stuff that makes me still want to do it in C.
Guess I'll see what Fastspin makes of it...

License is not clear. The original code does not appear to have any license.
The version that Adafruit points to appears to have a LGPL license.


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