Scribbler S3 + WX or Xbee + BlocklyProp - Seeking tutorial or instructions

I have a half dozen XBee boards and adaptors that I want to try out in Scribbler S3 with BlocklyProp. Or I'm happy to get some WX boards if that is easier. I'm sure I've seen photos of these installed in S3.

I've tried various search terms but can't find a tutorial or instructions for this goal. Should I just use the Activity Board instructions?

If not already available, it would be great to get that tutorial in project queue for Learn.Parallax. My interest would be to cover the install, a test and then samples of Tx & Rx between another S3, an activity board set up as a controller and a PC. Last page would be pros/cons of any settings available.



  • John,

    Right here:

    Let me know if I can send you a few WX modules to try this out. It's a bit of a setup process, but along the way one gains a good understanding of how/why things are configured the way they are.

    Ken Gracey
  • @John Kauffman thx for bringing this to my notice, did not know that S3 had this option. As written in another thread, I'm searching for something that my school could donate to the local library to increase the interest in STEM, and S3 or SumoBot might be options, especially with wireless communication available.
    Let us know how you succeed
  • Thanks. Perfect.
    I think that is Whit's voice, so you know you are in good hands.
    For future visitors, I'll add comments from any places I make mistakes. Hopefully the subject line I used will help next people to find this topic.
  • If Whit did it, you know it's right! :)
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    Thanks, all! Let me know if you have any issues John. WiFi Module programming is really nice - NO cords - and impressive to on-lookers.
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