Overview over Tools for P2 (+P1)

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as there are many different possibilities, I was trying to get an overview over the tools of P2.
Perhaps this might be interesting for others.
This is made with the freemind software, see the zip for the file.
Please feel free to comment.

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  • Nice, just what I need.
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    This is a test: CMap-Version of MindMap
    As it should be known: I like CMap Tools, a good idea realized in Florida. Now CMapTools includes a Web-Interface and this is another effort to find more users of the CMap paradigm. In principle everybody can have access to the map and improve it, I just don't know for now, how access for maps I create for others is realized. But feel free to install CMap yourself and start reading the documentation...
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    Hi ErNa,
    thanks for pointing to CMap. This seems not to be a complete version of the original map?
    Ok as a beta tester you can have the software for free. - No, thank you.
    Regards Christof
  • Hi ErNa,
    thanks for pointing to CMap. This seems not to be a complete version of the original map?
    Ok as a beta tester you can have the software for free. - No, thank you.
    Regards Christof

    Hi Christof, I do not fully understand your comment.
    I just created a CMap from the source of your mindmap. What do you miss?
    I also didn't invest time on making it nice looking or fitting to a screen, not all Links are created as links etc, just to show: there is a graph representation of the mindmap

    CMap is not open source software, but free to use as efforts to commercialize the SW were not successfully done. The web interface and the "cloud" are just a simple way to get acquainted. It's much better to download the app and work locally or even on your own server, as I do.

    So I do not understand the exact meaning of your "No, thank you"
  • Hi,
    The subbranches of Fastspin Compiler Family and for Micropython is lost?

    Well, they state on their download site, that you can have a free beta version of their software for free for now. - I don't want to be a beta tester for this and pay later for the software. I don't want to register there. It is free for schools only.

    Best regards Christof
  • CMap tool was created by support of the Navi to prepare documentation for the sailors. IHMC is an institution that focuses on human machine interfaces what is just another way to say AI for dual use purposes. But Nowak developed a science of knowledge and that is the oranges of CMapTools. Cmaptools is free to use, dedicated to education and they are happy to find a broad spectrum of users. I now use it for many years and to me it's nearly as important as is the propeller. Concept mapping means create networks while mind mapping is focused on trees.
    What is missing: I had to transform the mm file and had a wrong indentation, so I will update the CMap and make use of it...
  • Hi,
    I meant this sentence:
    "The basic IHMC CmapTools software is free for educational institutions and US Federal Government Agencies, and at this time the software is being offered free as a beta test version to other users, including commercial users."
    From: https://cmap.ihmc.us/cmaptools/cmaptools-download/

    The idea to share such maps is good. However in my own version now I have included my personal judgements of the tools. For different people this will be different. And there will be changement, because they are more or less beta versions.

    The texts of this map are directly copied from the original descriptions, so perhaps you can have some questions about copyrights if you put this onto another server?

    For me drawing these maps is using the ability of visual orientation of my brain. Getting some overview like looking down into a valley. The branches are not sooo important. They are only one dimension. For example you could use the Operating Systems or the languages as main branches as well.
    I am not sure, if it is a good idea of these Mindmap softwares, that you rearange and move the items on the screen. I think this hinders the brain to memorize the map.

    Have Fun. Christof
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