Parallax Forum bug?

When we search for information about a Forum topic the results appear in order of Relevance. If we want to sort results by date, we choose Date instead. But if I choose Date, view a topic, and return to the results, the topics again appear in Relevance order. From a user-interface perspective, after viewing a topic on a date-sorted list, returning to the list should show results still in Date order. I should not need to select Date again. It should persist. --Jon


  • Wuerfel_21Wuerfel_21 Posts: 718
    edited 2020-06-09 - 23:38:10
    The built-in search bar on the forum is worthless. Just use your normal search engine with a filter (on google, add to the query).
  • A very good comment Jon. I agree. The software mechanism seems to be flawed.

    Not that it matters for this one, but I've read the majority of your Bug Books. All that I've read are very good.

    And the mascot is still asleept.
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